We carry a variety of products from nationally recognized brands as well as our own private label brands, among them are:

Private Label Brands:
Selecto - Master of Chips - Eclipse Mixes - Tolteca Foods Cleaners - 4 Milpas - Tolteca Foods Spices

National Brands:
Genpak SCA Pactiv Dart
3M Clorox KIK Dispoz-o
HFA Republic Bag Solo P&G
Colgate-Palmolive DURO Eco-Fresh Fabrikal
Georgia-Pacific Marcal Rubbermaid  
Land-o-Lakes Coca-Cola OLE La Chiquita
Conagra V&V Supremo El Faro La Comadre
Del Sol Franco Pemberville San Benito
Red Gold La Costeña Tyson Knorr
Stanislaus Yucateco Doña Maria Canels
Jarritos Lawry's Valentina Cholula
Delicias Boing San Marcos La Lechera
Rogelio Bueno D'Gari Heinz Maseca
California Churros Equal Sugar Morton Domino Sugar
Splenda Luzziane Kikoman Maxwell House
Texas Pete Tabasco Dole Daily's
A1 Minute Maid Tropicana Jumex
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